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 Posted: Sep 19 2014, 04:46 PM

Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!







the rules

Please make sure to read all of the important information before registering an account! Also check the canon list and reservations as well, to make sure the character you want hasn't been claimed.

We are an animated panfandom site, and as such we only accept animated characters. That being said, we don't allow animated creatures, such as pokemon and animals! If you have any further questions about what this means, pm an admin. Series that have an animated spin-off but are largely known for their live action version (such as Doctor Who, Supernatural, etc) aren't allowed. Series that rely on heavily offensive content (South Park and Family Guy) are also not allowed! If you have any questions regarding this rule, please pm an admin. We do not accept original characters.

When you register, please do so in all capital letters, and with your character's full name. Naturally, that varies depending on character, but try to steer clear of titles if you can, such as "princess", "general", etc. If your character only has one name, that's fine! Also, if your character comes from a region that lists surnames first, please register like that.

You may only reserve one character at a time; reservations last one week! You can extend your reserve for another week if you have extenuating circumstances come up. After that, you can still post a finished app for that character so long as they're not claimed, but you cannot reserve them again.

Any unfinished applications will be automatically archived once a reserve is expired if you do not extend it; if you need it moved back, just message an admin!

We are a no word count site; however, do try to make a fair majority of your posts at least a good paragraph. The occasional one or two liner is fine if the thread calls for it, but try not to do it every post.

Naturally, please be mindful of any abilities your character may have -- be careful not to godmod, etc. Also please make sure to note anything that should be tagged! Threads that aren't safe for work, contain extreme violence, or other triggering material should have a visible warning. Mature threads should have an (M) in the thread title.

Before making a new character, we ask that each of your prior characters be involved in at least one in character thread (note that tech threads don't count!). Naturally, please don't neglect your previous characters, but only that is needed to put in a new reserve.

As far as activity goes, bbl runs on a semi-hiatus and hiatus basis. A semi-hiatus lasts fifteen days maximum, a full hiatus lasts a month at most. You're exempt from any activity checks/clean-outs etc while on either of these. However after that period is up you have a week to post with your characters (or contact us if you still have extenuating circumstances) before they will be archived and put back up for grabs. Additionally, we have a thread in order to keep track of these hiatuses and we ask you to please post in it!

We also ask that as a general rule for activity members post once a month on all character accounts -- this must be an actual thread, tech threads will not count toward activity. If we deem a character inactive, you will get a friendly reminder and will have five days to make an in character thread! After this, the character will be removed from the masterlist and will be free for the taking.

As of now we do not have a character limit, but please be mindful of your choices and try not to overwhelm yourself! We will ask you to scale back if we notice you're taking on a bit too much and are unable to keep everyone reasonably active. We allow two characters from one fandom initially; however, we do ask that you don't apply for two characters that interact with each other on a regular basis. We will handle these situations on a case by case basis, and if you're not sure then feel free to pm an admin! If it's a large fandom and you'd like more than two characters, just shoot a staff member a message to clear it!

When it comes to the cbox (and general ooc behavior around the site) just try to remember to be courteous! Think before you speak, especially if there's a possibility what you say could be hurtful -- anything blatantly rude or offensive will you get you at least a warning, and at most a ban from the cbox.

Be welcoming and friendly to everyone in the cbox! Sometimes people don't get along, it happens, but that doesn't mean you can't be civil. Especially be nice to guests and new members who pop in, as it takes a lot of nerve sometimes to enter the cbox with a bunch of people you don't know!

Avatar dimensions are as follows: 250x450, 200x200. Your actual profile (when you click on your name) dimensions are also 250x450, and 100x100. If you enter a square image, however, it will resize it for you. Please remember to enter all the other information asked in your profile as well!

Last but not least, bbl is meant to be a fun and safe place for everyone to write and have a good time. If at any point you have any issues, please shoot one of the staff a message to discuss! We will also be holding anonymous surveys here and there, so if talking one on one makes you nervous, that might be a better option!

We hope you enjoy bbl! Happy writing.

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