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 Posted: Sep 19 2014, 04:46 PM

When I am Queen, I will have the power to get rid of you.







extra information

Rinel is a relatively typical city; modern, perhaps a bit more advanced than most of its residents are used to. However, it holds a slightly rustic, more aged charm to it that makes the technology almost easy to forget. It seamlessly blends the old and the new (though admittedly, much more of the latter) from its shops to its restaurants, to the way its hospital has just as much ancient herbal remedies as prescription drugs. Though people have only started arriving within the past year or so, the city was almost ready and waiting for them -- who built it, though, remains uncertain. The currency is standard; dollars and cents, though as time goes on many cityfolk prefer to use credit cards. Generally the standard of life is good -- at least in the main part of town. The outskirts are oftentimes forgotten about entirely, ignored by the government though the people living there are usually the ones most in need of assistance. Crime runs rampant there, through individual means and gangs; in the rest of the city, it's much more regulated, though certainly not unheard of. The government is headed by a Council of Seven; there's no official set time for a seat change, though members are occasionally exchanged on a need-be basis. All decisions, laws, etc. fall on their shoulders, and they control the law enforcement, judicial system, and the like. Generally, the council has a good standing with the populace, though that does shift here and there. Overall, Rinel is a great place to live for those that have no other choice (which is, conveniently, everyone).

A note about the weather and seasons throughout Rinel: they're incredibly sporadic. It can be hot and sunny one day and snowing the next; there's really no rhyme or reason to it, so don't expect any weather forecasts. The seasons are much the same; no one knows when it's going to be summer or winter or anything in between. The Wilds are much more regulated; it's usually fairly Spring-like around those parts. Though it can get chilly on the days when harsh winter storms are plaguing the city, it's never more drastic than a drizzle.

While the city is, for the most part, cut and dry, the aptly-named Wilds are very much the opposite. They're incredibly mystical and some would even go as far as to say nonsensical; often things are not what they seem here, and this can be quite dangerous if you aren't cautious. In fact, for someone not used to the land, it might seem that there's a near-death experience around every corner. Quicksand, killer bugs, water that will make you lose your memories... It can be quite the hellish place. It can also be quite beautiful, and magical, if you look in the right places, with the right attitude. Much of the Wilds is incredibly dependent upon the emotions and outlook that is brought into it; which means that your feelings can drastically affect your experience within it. For example, if you start your journey with a horribly bad attitude (fearful, angry, annoyed) you're much more likely to find trouble and mischief. If you go on with peace and kindness within you, often you'll find the Wilds aren't so terrible a place as they're sometimes made out to be. Nevertheless, though, it isn't wise to let your guard down out here: magic is very present in these parts, as are the spirits that haunt the trees and earth and water, and you never know what any of it has in store.

Spirits, as they will remind anyone who will listen, lived here for millenia before humans came and shoved them out and built that ridiculous city. Naturally, asking spirits questions is usually pointless -- very few are willing to give anything close to a straight answer. The truth is, though, that spirits have been here for as long as time has existed. They embody the trees, the earth -- good and evil. Both the physical, emotional, and mental plane is their territory, which is what makes the Wilds such a treacherous place to traverse. Spirits come in all kinds of shapes and sizes -- some are humanoid, some animal-like, some a strange mix of the two; some are more plant-like, some are quite alien, and even a few lack any true corporeal form. Similarly, some are friendly, some are quite dangerous, and some are relatively neutral. Nevertheless, most spirits dislike being bothered by humans and will make their displeasure known through whatever means they choose. If you do happen to befriend a spirit, however, they can be incredibly loyal and very helpful. As for the other creatures that live in the Wilds, you will find some that are ordinary: bears, squirrels, birds, and the like. Many are more magical, mythical, however. Dragons, phoenixes, unicorns (even kelpies in the swampy ponds you'll find here), sprites, and many other creatures that normally would be left to the stuff of fairy tales abound here, if you care to look.
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