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 destiny's union, Terra & Ventus
 Posted: Jun 13 2015, 11:40 PM

One Keyblade is enough... for any friendship. I learned it the hard way.







and if time was still, we'd have no fear or scars to heal in our hearts without chains

The sunlight's warmth wraps around Aqua as she takes in a few deep breaths to ease her nerves. She had gotten used to performing in front of others, but the worry of giving a lackluster show lingered within the back of her mind. As she slowly breathes out, she feels Terra's hand gently squeeze her shoulder and tells her that everything will be fine. The two then exchange a smile before getting into action.

Terra starts off by showing off strength, doing vertical push-ups along with breaking apart several rocks with his Keyblade. This attracts few stares until Aqua begins summoning multiple orbs of light around her and Terra. The orbs spin around them slowly then start gaining momentum until they all blurred together until all of them shoot up into the sky and collide altogether, disappearing within the sky while leaving twinkling remnants to float back to the ground.

Her spell ends up attracting a gigantic crowd and is met with roaring applause. Terra walks over to her and holds his Keyblade out near her feet. She steps on top of the blade and is thrown up high into the air. It was as though the clouds were close to the tips of her fingers for that split moment. Aqua stays in the air for a split moment before shooting out several colorful shots of light from her Keyblade into the sky. The lights fade away as they fly towards the crowd. Finally, she points her Keyblade at the crowd and shoots numerous bubbles at them as she falls back towards the ground.

Terra catches her in his arms and the audience applauds once more, cheering and whistling at the spectacle they witnessed. Terra sets Aqua on the grass and the two bow and wave at the crowd as it begins to disperse. When things finally settle down, they dismiss their Keyblades and decide to head back to their apartment. Before they even took a single step, they hear someone call out to them.

"Aqua! Terra!"

The voice hits Aqua hard and she turns around in an instant to see Ventus running towards them. Her eyes widen at the sight and wonders if this was a figment of her imagination or truly a part of reality. Before she could even process what's happening, she sprints towards him and wraps him in a close embrace. She couldn't believe it. The last moment she spent with Ventus was hiding him away before she set out to find Terra. His heart had fallen into a deep slumber due to his final battle with Vanitas and she promised to be there the day he wakes up. And now... Now Ventus is here, awake, alive, and safe.

"Ven..." Tears brim around the corner of Aqua's eyes as she holds him close. "You're okay. You're here too..." At long last, she was reunited with her friends. Terra and Ventus were back by her side, free from the evil that once dominated over them. Despite her failure as a Master, as a friend, she believed that the three would be brought together again and that day has finally come.

Aqua pulls away from Ven with a smile as tears streak down her face. "I'm so happy to see you, Ven. It's been so long..." How exactly did he wake up? Did he stumble into Rinel like she and Terra did? She had so many questions for the two, but all in due time. She wipes away her tears and laughs softly. Then, she holds out her Wayfinder before him. "See? These charms truly are magical. We were able to reunite thanks to them."

 Posted: Jun 14 2015, 09:19 PM

"You gave me something back when I needed it most. A second chance"






kingdom hearts

It didn’t... it didn’t make sense.

He had thought, when he willingly took the chance to fracture his heart beyond repair, that he would be lost. Forever. Yet here he was...awake. Eyes wide and sparkling with a wonder that hadn’t touched them in what felt like centuries.

The world hadn’t been familiar to him when he had come to, a gentle tickling on his cheek waking him up to the clear blue skies above him. Even now, he still wasn’t sure what that creature was, the one that stirred him - but it had seemed ethereal, rather mysterious, and maybe, way back when, he would have marvelled at it for much longer. But his awakening had startled him, even through the soft haze of sleepiness that clouded his brain then.

It hadn’t taken him long for his thoughts to immediately jump to Terra and Aqua: like where they were, if they were okay, if he had managed to grasp control and smite Vanitas down before it was too late. As of then, and as of now, he still wasn’t certain. The worry gnawed at his heart like a rat, and as if the small rabbit-like creature could sense his trepidations, it had nosed his pants reassuringly, and moved in a way that suggested he follow it. Ventus was certainly grateful for it, and wiping the tears that had fallen down his cheeks unbidden he went along with the spirit.

The blond missed its company now - he had hoped that it would have come along with him. But once the city had come into sight, the rabbit-thing was gone. Just like everything he had ever known. At least there was a lot to see, he thought now. It was all new and strange to him, and he drank in all the sights with a thirsty mind, feeling slightly better than before. Maybe even a touch of hope had graced him he figured. After all, maybe they were here.

Eventually his wanderings brought him to a park. A really pretty one at that he thought appreciatively, watching the citizens take their strolls, enjoy their picnics, the kids playing at the playgrounds… His heart ached a little. He missed being a kid, and he quietly hoped that they would never lose sight of theirs, even when it was over. For a long while, he watched them at their fun and games until finally he moved on at the sounds of cheering and applause in the distance.

Curious, he made his way to the large crowd that gathered there. He was unsure of what was going on, though - being so short, the staggering amount of people got in his way and it started to frustrate him. Unable to bear the suspense of curiosity any longer, he tapped the shoulder of the nicest-looking person he could find. “Hey, what’s going on? I’m sorry to be a bother, I just can’t see much of anything.”

They turned to look at him, slightly disgruntled to be interrupted watching whatever spectacle there was, but said, not unkindly, “There’s a performance. Those two do their fancy tricks here often - most everyone at Rinel knows that.”

O-of course I knew! Just making sure, ” he stammered, in an effort to cover up his lack of knowledge of the world he had stumbled in. They had already turned around to resume watching before Ventus could say any more, but it seemed to be over at that point. With a final resounding cheer, and the crowds clapping fading away, the people began to disperse. There was no reason to stay there, with the act over; he knew that, but for some reason, he stayed and let them walk around him, eyes searching through the thinning people for the performers.

Almost immediately his breath left him when his gaze fell on them. No… no way...

Before he could truly process what he was seeing, he was already running toward them, the names “Aqua! Terra!” leaving his throat in a hoarse shout. In an instant, he saw their heads turn, the recognition in their faces. It was...it was incredible. They were here! They were okay! He barely realized that Aqua was already upon him and hugging him, embracing him in a way that suggested she were afraid he’d disappear, then and there. Honestly, he expected the same of them, too: for the both of them to fade away. And when they didn’t, he found himself crying happily, returning Aqua’s embrace with a fervor and peeking over her shoulder to beam sunshine at Terra, tears streaming down his face. “I didn’t think I’d ever see the two of you again…” he whispered in awe.

Drawing back as Aqua did, he could feel the fleeting shadows of dread lift from his heart and he smiled like the old days at the both of them. Seeing the blue Wayfinder pulled out, he hastily grabbed his green one from a pocket and drew it out, letting it dangle cheerfully. Laughing too, he said, “You were! They really are!

But, my eyes and stuff aren’t playing tricks on me, right?” As if to make doubly sure, he touched Aqua’s face softly and moved over to pinch Terra’s cheek (after reaching up on tippy toes to get there) and laughed again at the warmth he felt from both. Not even he could make those sensations up if he really tried.

Although he was truly glad to see them, his face began to fall and he looked between them, almost sadly, almost warily. “Maste- Xehanort isn’t around, is he? He’s gone?” He had to make sure, he was frightened that his old Master would come bearing down on them at any moment and take the happiness away again. As he said this, his eyes implored Terra’s, wide and hoping for a positive response.

Ven left lingering thoughts of Eraqus to the wayside for the moment. He felt as though he didn’t need confirmation for their father figure’s fate just yet.


I wanted to forgive, I'm trying to forget, Don't leave me here again, I am with you forever, the end
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