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inside you'll find some important information about breakblossom, including the rules, premise, member groups, and extra information! make sure to read all of this thoroughly so you understand everything before registering!

Subforums: subplots

8 13 May 23 2015, 09:38 AM

have a question about a rule, part of the plot, or anything else regarding the site? if there are no staff in the cbox to ask or your inquiry is a little lengthy, post it right in here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. you can also find the frequently asked questions here, so make sure to read those to make sure yours wasn't answered!

Subforums: answered

12 22 Apr 26 2015, 04:47 PM

when the staff has something important to announce, such as events, changes to the rules, etc. they'll post a topic here. be mindful of this forum! you wouldn't want to miss a site event or spotlight featurette, after all.

Subforums: old notices

50 306 May 22 2015, 10:56 PM

have a completed thread you need archived? a character you've decided to drop, or some changes made to your account? or perhaps you'd like to make a suggestion, or post an open thread you wrote! whatever the case, you can do all of these things right inside.

3 9 Jun 17 2015, 07:40 PM

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inside you'll be able to reserve a canon character of your choosing, and from that point you will have a week to submit your application! you may extend your application once, for another week. you may either post in complete if your application is already done, or post in incomplete and bump it. please do not post your application more than once. if you're unsure about the process, please check out the faq or ask a staff member!

Subforums: complete, incomplete

12 6 Jun 19 2015, 09:13 PM
once you've been accepted, your application will be moved here to be stored with the rest. they are organized by member group -- water, earth, air, or fire. now all you have to do is post in the claims and you'll be well on your way!

Subforums: water, air, earth, fire

171 256 Jun 23 2015, 10:35 AM
after your application is accepted, the last thing you need to take care of before posting your shipper and getting into writing is the sign ups! don't post in the individual topics; the only thing you need to post in is the "claiming" topic, and it'll all be sorted for you.

7 3 Jun 23 2015, 11:01 AM
feel the need to dig a little deeper into your character's head? our application is quite minimal, but if you'd like to post some drabbles, one-shots, journal entries, or anything else to get your muse flowing, feel free! only one thread per character, please. you can also find thread trackers inside.

Subforums: trackers

50 194 Jun 6 2015, 08:35 AM
In: vegan death metal

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
finally onto the shippers, which are a great way to introduce your character to the site and other characters! it's always a good idea to plot out some pre-established relationships, or figure out interesting situations to throw your characters into. while it's great to get replies in your shipper, don't forget to post in other people's too! spread the love.

Subforums: water, air, earth, fire, group, thread adverts

151 1070 Jun 17 2015, 03:45 PM
have a character you're desperate for someone to make on site? whether it's canonmates or just a roommate, this is where you can request characters or a spot to be filled! you can bump your threads every three days if needed.

37 88 Jun 19 2015, 02:32 PM
despite the archaic wilds, rinel is quite technologically advanced. computers, cell phones, and the like are as much used here as they are anywhere else. so if you'd like to call someone, shoot a text or send an instant message, here's where to do it.

115 1745 Jun 22 2015, 10:23 PM
In: famous last words
want to explore a dynamic that probably wouldn't have a place in board canon? or perhaps you'd like to have a thread set back on your character's home world, or have a completely different alternate universe plot set up. you can do that here if you so wish!

Subforums: au networking

89 873 Jul 17 2015, 11:13 PM

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    market street
market street is the initial burst of social life and city scenery for everyone in rinel. various stores line the streets, huddled close together as they offer everything from entertainment and goods to typical grocery shopping. lamp posts and benches occasionally take up room as well as shade gifting trees and city maintained gardens, providing a very fresh feeling to the area. its stone paths and roads are lively at almost any time of day with the frequency that people come and go as there's almost always something to catch anyone's interest if they just look hard enough.

Subforums: theatre, the ice rink, museum, the game room, aquarium, animal shelter

60 182 Jun 26 2015, 07:09 AM
In: Troubled Spirits?
    governing district
the governing district is perhaps exactly what you may think it is: the area of rinel where all major decisions and city buildings are kept. there's a very different atmosphere to be found here compared to most other areas of rinel, with several businesses as well as places of importance to be found here, such as the police station and hospital. tall buildings and modern day flashing lights dot along the streets, and there are more cars and public transportation to be found here than anywhere else. residents come to the governing district for more serious needs and requirements, so at times it can be considered one of the quieter areas save for the rush hour.

Subforums: city hall, general hospital, police station, prison

24 89 Jun 6 2015, 09:56 PM
    roseate park
roseate park is well known for being a sight to behold - usually changing up decor, flora, and themes every few months depending on the seasons and holidays most popularly celebrated among citizens. well kept and always a pleasure to visit, you can find playgrounds for children, benches and grassy hills to lounge on, and a small manmade lake to enjoy! roseate is almost always the place to visit in order to take a break from the constant modern buzz city life. did i mention that it's also known to host extravagant monthly fireworks shows, as well?

Subforums: dog park

27 85 Jun 14 2015, 09:19 PM
In: destiny's union
    rinel public zoo
filled to the brim with animals exotic and bizarre, the zoo is a favorite for both animal lovers and animal lovers-from-a-distance. though you won't find anything you wouldn't see in a normal zoo, the sight of lions and zebras and elephants is still more than you'd see anywhere near the city. there's also sections of the zoo devoted to reptiles and sea creatures, including a dolphin and whale exhibit.

2 2 Apr 5 2015, 04:32 AM
    recreation center
rinel's recreation center is the place to end up if you feel like being particularly athletic. with a variety of courts, pools, work out rooms, and pre-made training regimens to participate in (for a slight fee, of course) you can get your daily dose of physical activity fulfilled at any time. the recreation center also gives the option of people starting their own teams for any sport, and is known to occasionally host tournaments, open for the public to watch and enjoy.

8 20 Jun 9 2015, 10:01 PM
In: saltwater room
rinel's nightlife is consistent of bars, clubs and perhaps some of the seediest areas of the city. during the day it's harmless enough, even playing home to a 'classics only' movie theater and all age access restaurants during the day. but when evening falls and the lights go out, the night comes alive, with the most expensive clubs and cheapest bars available at your leisure. it's said that the neon lights reflect nicely against the silver city.

Subforums: oseea's lounge, the grotto, seventh hole

15 24 May 28 2015, 07:29 PM
    residential areas
the word "home" varies in several ways in rinel. perhaps you're living with an assigned roommate in one of the city's many provided apartments or in your run of the mill house. whether you take up residence in an extravagant penthouse in the nicest, highest part of the city, or in a less than average rent home there's still somewhere you're living or claiming residence, and that can be explored here.

Subforums: the apartments, the luxe hotel

54 273 Jun 23 2015, 09:01 AM
In: daylight breaks
    public library
rinel's public library stands as one of its most official pride and joys. the content found within is rivaled by next to none, with shelves upon shelves and floor after floor (six of them, to be exact) filled with a highly diverse amount of reading material. of course, this building is perhaps one of the quietest, if not the quietest place in rinel - as there's a very strict no talking policy rule laid down among those who decide to take a visit. there are also several computers and desks up for whatever use you have in mind and not to mention a maze like array of bookshelves. this library is up for use 24/7 and open to anybody in the city.

4 5 Jun 14 2015, 06:02 PM
In: borderlining unacceptable [...
restaurants in rinel have an unmatched charm to them and menu available for any taste bud in the city. there are five star gourmet meals (so long as you have the money, of course), homemade goods from the best of bakeries, and diners for affordable, good eating at any time of the day. perhaps you're a party of one, or going on an outing with one or more people? either way there's a plethora of options to choose from when you decide not to eat at home.

Subforums: hardback cafe, sheba's diner, frosted bakery, di marco's

28 74 Jun 23 2015, 02:31 PM
    public education
rinel's council has put plenty of importance on education; both the high school and university are what most see as quality establishments that offer an acceptable level of education. both campuses are large, to accommodate the steadily-growing student population, as well as plenty of jobs for teachers and the like. both schools offer many opportunities academically, as well as for art and sports.

Subforums: rinel high school, rinel university

19 32 Jun 10 2015, 07:17 PM
In: little things
a new addition to rinel -- thrillville is exactly what it sounds like. an exciting amusement park, complete with roller coasters, ferris wheels, and over-priced, greasy food. its attractions are plenty; along with several roller coasters and other typical rides (spinning teacups, the anti-gravity chamber, etc) it also hosts a haunted house exhibit, plenty of games, and an indoor water park complete with slides and a huge waterfall. it's the place to be if you're in search of entertainment.

8 29 Jun 17 2015, 03:25 PM
In: Spring on this street
    the outskirts
the outskirts are where rinel loses much of its glamour and earns a darker, quieter reputation. while buildings and houses are scarce, there's still much to be found in the underbelly of the city. the sewer systems buzz with gang life and several surprising twists and turns that lead into the city, and illegal trade is alive and well with the black market active and hard to track down. consider thinking twice before entering this area, as luxuries and comforts come to an abrupt halt at the city limits.

Subforums: black market, sewer system

13 50 Jun 16 2015, 02:37 PM

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    avian grove
near the entrance of the wilds is a thick grove of trees -- the forest surrounds it, but here it grows even more condensed. it opens into a wide, circular grassy clearing, and in the center stands by far the largest tree anywhere in the area. the others dwarf in comparison; but not only is it the largest tree out here, it's also said to be the oldest living thing to be found. in the center of the huge tree is an open "eye", and if you were to crawl inside you'd find that it's almost entirely hollow. the vines dangling will help you, should you want to reach the bottom without scaling the precarious walls. what's down there? few are brave enough to find out, but legends say it holds an ancient tomb.

9 37 Jun 20 2015, 10:53 AM
In: lost souls forever
By: Hiiragi Shinya
    the ruins
further into the forest lies the remains of several temples, overtaken by nature. the crumbling structures were clearly once beautiful, paying homage to the many spirits that inhabit the wilds. while they've been this way as long as anyone can remember, it's said that, before the city was built, they were destroyed by humans in the midst of a war between them and the spirits. even if they are rather decrepit, if you're desperate they can still provide some shelter from the elements -- or provide a hiding place, should you be in need of one.

5 19 May 19 2015, 05:47 PM
In: Amongst the Forgotten
    the grey beach
if you travel far enough, near the outskirts of the wilds the trees open up to reveal a sandy plane as far left and right as the eye can see. beyond that is the ocean, frothy, churning white waves and an eternally grey, dismal skyline. the grey beach's weather is never what you'd desire for a beach outing, but the water is hardly welcoming either. besides being quite frigid, it's also very dangerous, considering all of the creatures that lurk in its depths. nevertheless, it can be a charming getaway spot, in its own way.

4 15 Jun 16 2015, 10:33 PM
In: unbreakable
    the essea pass
the essea pass can be seen from almost anywhere there is a view of the skyline. it's towering peak has a perpetually misty covering, though it often changes between storm clouds and the more fluffy, appealing variety. the mountain is said to be incredibly attuned to emotions, and responds in kind: much like the spirits that you meet in the wilds, the essea pass will either be a very pleasant or horrifying place, depending on your outlook. if you make it to the summit (should you not scare them away with thunderous storms brought on by bad moods) you'll find that it holds a nesting area for a large group of phoenixes, who can be quite friendly, depending on who you are.

3 11 Jun 22 2015, 06:27 PM
In: again a year of water
    fog of lost souls
it's said that any human that wanders for too long in the wilds will eventually end up here, in the fog of lost souls. the area is partially enclosed by spires of craggy, jagged rocks -- reminiscent of prison cells to hold the humans inside of it captive. it's hardly necessary, though. the fog is actually a massive spirit, who poisons your mind the longer you travel through its mists. it brings your fears, your shortcomings, your insecurities to the forefront of your mind. if you let it, it will drive you mad, and you'll spend eternity trapped with the other lost souls who've fallen prey to it.

1 0 Feb 1 2015, 02:51 PM
In: keep you like an oath
    the spirit oasis
amidst the chaos of the wilds lies a small, shining sliver of paradise: the spirit oasis. an island rests in the middle of a circular pond, connected to land by a small bridge. the grass is green and lush, trees with fresh fruits grow on the edges, and in the center is a smaller, crystalline pond where for once you won't have to worry about an aquatic spirit attacking you. it does seem like a wonderful reprieve for a weary traveler, but the oasis is guarded by a lemur-like spirit who refuses to let any humans pass. some have claimed to charm him into changing his mind, or have come prepared with gifts, but it's certainly no easy task -- and doing battle with a spirit is never a particularly smart idea.

2 5 May 17 2015, 11:26 AM
In: Crutches
By: Caius Ballad
    the forgotten valley
while the valley's name seems misleading, since it's certainly still well-known and heard of, it refers more to the mystical properties of the three pools that lie in a triangular shape in its center. the pools are circular, beautiful, and seem to be free of harmful spirits -- but drink too much and all of your memories will vanish. a few sips will usually only eliminate a few years worth, but the more you drink, the more you lose. at night this area is particularly dangerous, as face-stealing spirits run amuck. be careful if they try to catch your eye; if you show emotion while in the presence of a face-stealer, they'll show you how they got their name.

0 0 --
In: ----
    the fire pits
if you enjoy relaxing vacations with a little thrill of danger, the fire pits are a perfect stop for you on your trek through the wilds. the pits are known for their hot springs, gatherings of rock filled with naturally, lusciously warm water. outside of the springs, the area lives up to its name: most of the ground is molten, burning, and charred. you'll want to watch your step, though there are enough safe pieces of earth to tread on that most people don't have trouble. be wary, though, the fire pits are home to some of the nastiest spirits the wilds has to offer. and they really don't like visitors.

5 13 Jun 8 2015, 04:55 PM

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
if you'd like to start up a conversation with your fellow members, or set up a game or poll, or any other random thing that has no other place, feel free to do it here! please keep anything you post appropriate though, or mark it appropriately (such as nsfw). anything too graphic, though, shouldn't be posted -- use good judgement! you can also post an intro or absence, test threads, or ask for graphics here.

Subforums: testing

55 838 Jun 17 2015, 03:43 AM
if you're just here to advertise, this is what you're looking for! we accept any kind of board host so long as we can plug back (or if you've done it for us!). you can also check out the affiliate thread if you're interested in that!

Subforums: first post, link back

691 3 Jun 22 2015, 03:47 PM
In: Do Not Forget Me
By: SO-4
once a thread has been completed, an app is inactive, etc. it will be moved here for safe-keeping in order to keep everything neat and tidy. if you need something moved here, please post in moderation! the same if you'd like anything moved back.

Subforums: applications, threads, other

1425 6596 Jun 17 2015, 06:19 PM
In: jsut fuck me up

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